Australian Made and Australian owned, for your peace of mind

aust-flagWe think that Sapphire Spas are so popular because of their high level of workmanship, premium quality and cutting edge innovation. But our customers tell us there’s something more:

The peace of mind they get from our spas being proudly ‘Made in Australia’.

We’ve all heard the stories of cheap imports cracking under the hot Aussie sun, or sub standard fibreglass breaking after just a little use. Or worse still, when it comes time for a service, there’s little or no support.

All Sapphire Spas are designed and manufactured in Australia. And supported by a national network of mySpa dealers.

Sapphire Spas is the Number One major spa manufacturer still solely based here, at home. They understand the demands of the Aussie climate and the needs of Aussies, just like you. All Sapphire Spas are serviced directly by your local mySpa dealer.

These facts might not seem important now, but when you spend a few thousand dollars on a major asset like a spa, it’s nice to turn on the jets, close your eyes and truly relax, with the peace of mind that Sapphire Spas and the professional network of mySpa dealers will always be here ready to support you.