The Innovative  Features that set mySpa apart.

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  • MySpa Green

    The varidrive80 is an all-in-one filtration and boost pump that replaces the old system of having a separate circ and boost pump system. It easily and simply delivers a higher volume of water and greater jet pressure.
  • Variable Heater

    This clever technology optimises your hot spa experience by reducing power while maximising heat, simple as that.
  • Software Updates

    The SpaNet control system enables software updates as new and improved features come online. That means, an upgrade is a simple update, not a refit! mySpas have been future proofed!
  • Powersmart CI

    Thanks to Dynamic Thermal Tuning, your mySpa has been designed to not only give you years of enjoyment but also the lowest daily operating costs possible.
  • Heatlock 7

    These are the world’s most energy efficient spas. As any home owner knows, insulation is the best way to reduce heat loss. Our Heatlock7 system does that and more by keeping running costs to a minimum.
  • Eco Friendly

    Easy to use, the SpaNET system is hassle free and delivers the lowest possible operating costs., only drawing the power it needs.
  • Onboard Expansion

    The onboard expansion modules allow mySpa to integrate with other energy saving devices such as gas or solar as they come on line. That’s clever thinking at its most valuable.
  • Crystal Clear

    The mySpa automatic filtration system creates the purest water possible, while the CD Ozone purification system is up to 5 times more efficient than conventional treatment systems. It’s time for less chemicals in your life, don’t you think?
  • Dynamic Thermal Intelligence

    Your mySpa ‘learns’ about your daily spa habits to reduce costly on-demand heating. Dynamic Thermal Tuning actually reduces the drop in temperature between spa visits for the lowest daily operating costs. Clever, huh?
  • Powersave Software

    The mySpa PowerSave Software automatically controls power consumption to utilise off peak tariffs while maintaining water temperature and daily filtration times. Even more cost saving innovation.
  • mySpa LINK

    There’s an app for everything, right? Well now there’s one for your spa! The MySpaLINK app gives you TOTAL control over your spa, no matter where you are – and that’s incredibly handy.

We have your perfect spa at a great price. It’s easy to find out more, just email us for more information.

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